The Mustang recives a mild facelift, and new goverment mandated safety features

1968 Mustang in Review

The '68 Mustang kept the same sheet exterior sheet and dimensions metal as the 1967 cars, with minor trim changes. The grill side spears that flanked the Pony emblem were elimintaed, as were the side scoops horizontal lined faux vents on the rear quarter panels. The chrome rocker panel moldings, which were optional on the '67 coupes and convertbles were now standard. The car got government mandated front and rear side marker reflectors

The interior of the car remained much the came as the previous year, with the moct noticeable differance being the configuration of the steering wheel. It went from a three spoke design to a two stroke bar with six plastic inserts. The seating pleats ran horizontal instead of vertcal as on the '67 cars.

There were more V8 engine choices this year. Besides the base 200 Cubic Inch six cylinder, one could get a 289 two barrel. If you wanted a four barrel car, the V8 block was offered with a longer stroke and carried a 302 designation.The 390 was carried over from the year before. The big news was the availibility of the big block 427 which was Fords premier race engine dating back to 1963, and producing a whooping 390 horse power as in stalled in the 1968 Mustang.

These early cars are very collectable and you can find good examples of the coupe, convertible and fastback 1968 Mustangs for sale at reasonable prices

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1968 Mustang in Brittany Blue


1968 Mustang

'68 Mustang along Highway 101, Ventura California





Mustang 1968

1968 Mustang in Lime Gold